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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Morning

Straight off the top...

In a little while
Your smile will be permanent.
There will be no more singulars
Only plurals in your vocabulary.
Only happiness and rejoicing amongst us,
Nothing between us
But destiny and eternity, together.
Forever I vow to be
The best thing that you'll ever want
and need.
Never understood my soul until now.
Where it was
And how it worked
Because it reacts when your around.
I'm never mad
Or feeling bad
When it comes to you
Because you make me a better me
But you,
Just stay you.
You're perfect the way you are
With no inhabitions.
And baby I love that.
From the hair on your head
Down to the small piece of confidence
In yourself that's missing.
You never get above
Our love,
You only enhance us.
So I'll stay dedicated
And motivated to do the same
Because you complete me
And with you is where I
Forever will be...

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