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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Heat is On...

The Miami Heat... and the Cleveland Cavaliers collide tonight, in more than just and NBA match up. This will be a battle between two teams vying to prove something to their colleauges, and establish a rhythm for the rest of the season. Though this season is young, it is very mature in expectations. The Lakers are looking to repeat, but are currently on a four game skid and don't know when they'll have they're starting center back in the line up. The Boston Celtics have flashed both greatness and age-ness so far this season, and without Rondo, I think they'd be just another average team. The Spurs, everyone's dad's favorite team is playing with a rejuvenated spirit and seem to be the front-runners to dethrone the champion Lakers this year. And down in Oklahoma City where the league's preseason MVP candidate, Kevin Durant, is falling behind expectations due to the stellaer play of his "Robin", Russell Westbrook. All of these story lines and it's only December! We still have yet to see if or when Carmelo is going to go (*cough* Knicks *cough*), and whether or not Gilbert Arenas will get a chance at redemption somewhere else besides 3 seats down from the coach.

I love the drama of the NBA this year. It's like an intoxicating soap opera with an ever evolving plot with each win and loss. And the most intriguing story of the offseason features the construction of a super talent down on South Beach with the Miami Heat aquiring Lebron James, and Chris Bosh. Doomsday was July 8, 2010 for the folks of Cleveland, Oh. All that was missing was a T-1000 jumping through the window of the gym after he uttered those famous words: "I'm going to take my talents to South Beach". The gasps in the background was mimicked around the world by fans, owners, and basketball enthusiasts alike. Whether you were a Lebron James fan or not, you felt those words crawl across your forehead, and sink into your ears drowning you with sorrow or excitement; depending on which team you were rooting for to get him. And the aftermath filled with tears, heartbreak, disgust, scrutiny, politics, religion, and even a little discrimination we arrive here at today... when Superman Returns. Though I doubt this Superman will be recieving any type of awards from the city, or a hero's welcome home... or back I should say. "Home is Akron... I PLAYED for Cleveland" as James candidly points out during an interview with GQ in August.

So the king returns to the castle he once ruled. The town's people have their pitch forks and bow and arrows with flaming tips ready to soar, and strike. The king isn't returning by himself though, he's bringing with him an army looking to gain another win in their young journey to greatness... An army that's hungry to prove everything, not just something... An army that's looking to build momentum by destroying the old army, the old kingdom, the old king's men. This fairy tale took a crazy turn about 3 months ago, and it's about to get even better. Cause the king's former kingdom is now a city all it's own. Fueled by abandonment and disappointment; overflowing with emotion and pride this is going to be one hell of a battle...  hopefully.

Let's hope this match up lives up to all the hype. I don't want to see a blow out on one end or the other, just a great game. I'll be rooting for Lebron, just cause I like the villian in cases where the villian is the villian by popular demand, not necessarily because he did anything wrong (imo). But the underdog in me will be pulling for the town's people, the Cleveland Cavaliers for various reasons. One, it's their house, and I think it would be cool to witness a team overcome that type of let down, and then experience a great up in such dramatic fashion. And two, it's time for Lebron to have a "Jordan type defining moment". Remember Jordan couldn't get past the Celtics.. then the Pistons.. then the Lakers? Then he had the summer AFTER the Pistons series in 1990 where they roughed him up a little bit and he came back the next year with the bald head?? Then he went on to dominate the game like he was born to do, with no remorse?? When Jordan stopped getting "picked on" and scrutinized by the media, and started playing "Fuck you, I'm better than all you son's of bitches" type basketball, huh, remember that?? That's THIS year for Lebron.. or it was supposed to be. No he didn't shave his head, but he did cut it. And also gone is that nagging "elbow" injury that slowed him down in the playoffs last year and led to criticism that he "quit" on his teammates. Here now are the days of redemption for Lebron James, the man, not the brand. His brand will recieve a jolt next year when he wins his first title. He WILL lose in the playoffs this year, and have the summer to become the Lebron his fans want him to be; the dominating force that will excell in the sport for the next ten years. But tonight, I need Lebron to lose. So that he can see and feel the pain. So that he has something to play towards, and not for. I need him to lose as Lebron James tonight of the Miami Heat, so that he can become great and not just someone we expected to be great but never lives up to the expectations....... The heat is on.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Legend of Kobe Bryant

Another ring... another Finals MVP.... another year of constant back and fourth arguments regarding his place amongst the leagues greatest for Kobe Bryant. Some say he's the next Jordan, where others argue that he has a lot to do before he can even be considered the heir apperant "G.O.A.T." of the NBA. I was a believer in the latter, that he had more to prove in order to overtake my childhood idol, Michael Jordan, as the greatest NBA player of all time. But that argument was just tossed into the air and I'm waiting on it to hit the ground at any moment now. Many may argue that even Michael Jordan isn't the league's Greatest, then they'll ramble a bunch of big men who played amongst midgets in the league's adolescent years. Like a Wilt Chamberlin, who was 7'1'', back in 1959 where the average player was 6'2''. So that means that on a nightly basis he dominated simply because he was much bigger than everyone, not because he was an immense athlete or greatly skilled with the basketball. All he had to do was turn and shoot. And no disrespect to those big man greats from the past like Chamberlin, but the level of competition wasn't as high as it is now. Therefore I have to consider Jordan the greatest because of his position, and his dominance at that position in an era that saw some of the greatest athletes and some of the most physical games ever played.

Now Kobe is creeping up the list of greats fast, after last nights "gutsy" performance. I use the term "gutsy" for several reasons: 1) he was an abismal 5/20 heading into the fourth and 2) He was actually elbowed in the stomach a couple of times causing him to wince in disgust while the nation watched in anticipation of what was next to come. I was cheering on Boston to put the pedal to the medal and take they game while they had it, but I forgot that Kobe Bryant is as stubborn as they come; and he wasn't gonna let the Celtics "do it again". So he dug deep and grabbed 15 crucial rebounds, scored 23 points (11-15 FT's) and clinched his 2nd "solo" title. Now Laker haters, or even Kobe haters will argue that he wouldn't have done so without Gasol, and I whole heartedly agree with them. BUT, every star needs a sidekick in order to win that ultimate goal. If you go back in history, and do your research, there's a team of good players, or a tandem of great players that were able to win, and win again. Bird and McHale, Magic and Wilt, Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, and now Kobe and Pau. As long as those two are on the same team, the Lakers will be there, so "Laker Haters" better get used to it.

Kobe knows how to win, and knows who he needs in order to do that. That's the difference between he and say a Lebron James, or even a Carmelo Anthony. He knows Phil can coach em up, so he put the organization at a stand still until they brought Phil back. Then he knew he needed a big man so he demanded a trade and the Lakers pulled Pau Gasol out of their ass. He knew the necessary formula for ultimate victory. And as much as it pains me to say, LeBron better pay attention and make the right choice this summer before he ends up like Charles Barkley, a great player with no titles. But just for the record I believe Lebron IS better, but Kobe is greater.... for now at least.

So with all that debate, Kobe is greatness now. Not good, not just a scorer, but great. He's entered the conversation of Greatest of All Time, where his place in it is, is up for debate. Jordan's shadow remains mountainous to everyone in the league. Not just cause he three-peated twice, or that he was league MVP 5x's, or even that he led his team to the best record the league has ever seen. It's his charisma, his defiance, dominance, and passion for the game that led him to the front of the class. Now all Kobe has to do is win a couple more MVP's (regular season and Finals), win Defensive player of the year, and break that 82-10 mark and he'll have my vote as the G.O.A.T.. Until then, I'll humbly say good job Kobe, you did it. You've earned more than another championship, you've earned my respect....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Morning

Straight off the top...

In a little while
Your smile will be permanent.
There will be no more singulars
Only plurals in your vocabulary.
Only happiness and rejoicing amongst us,
Nothing between us
But destiny and eternity, together.
Forever I vow to be
The best thing that you'll ever want
and need.
Never understood my soul until now.
Where it was
And how it worked
Because it reacts when your around.
I'm never mad
Or feeling bad
When it comes to you
Because you make me a better me
But you,
Just stay you.
You're perfect the way you are
With no inhabitions.
And baby I love that.
From the hair on your head
Down to the small piece of confidence
In yourself that's missing.
You never get above
Our love,
You only enhance us.
So I'll stay dedicated
And motivated to do the same
Because you complete me
And with you is where I
Forever will be...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Assassination of Reginald Hayes...

“A lot of people put up a front so people won't know how vulnerable they really are. Me? I put up a front so people won't know how vulnerable I'm not… anymore.” - Dexter

Ever wonder why everyone treats you differently when you seem to be the same person to everyone? I used to think that I was the cause of me being misunderstood, mistreated and neglected. But I had to come to the reality that it wasn’t me, it was him, Reginald Hayes. Reginald Hayes took a lot in order to keep things on an even kill. Keeping things positive, you know always hoping for the best. Reginald Hayes never really complained, he just swallowed his pride and sometimes his dignity in order to make everyone else happy. Not for their benefit, but in order to NOT be the bad guy that ruined everything. Reginald Hayes had this complex to where he wanted to please everyone, every time, no matter the beef, situation, or confrontation. Date after date, spending money trying to impress the girl who always left. Or dating the hoe, trying to help her turn her life around and start a new. Wifin up the playhead that everyone in your crew had already ran through, trying to turn her into who she really wants to be deep down inside, yeah, that was Reginald Hayes. A little on the sensitive side, for things that didn’t require the sensitivity. More often then not Reginald ended up being the faithful boyfriend who always had money, the nice car, dressed nice, well mannered with a great sense of humor that the parents just love. “That guy’s got a bright future” they’d say, thinking that he was the one to sweep their daughter up into this fairytale themed life where she was the damsel in distress, and he was her knight in shining armor. All of these things were so true of the late Reginald Hayes, including his ability to love unconditionally. That love, so vibrant and tranquil, would not only be Mr. Reginald Hayes’ signature, it would also lead to his untimely departure.

Heartache is something no human should feel, ever. It hurts just like a gunshot to the lung without the blood and the bullet. It takes your breath away when you hear the words “I think we need a break”, or “I’m still in love with him”, or even “Ay man, I fucked her too!”. Any one of those would probably deter someone after the first couple of times, but not Reginald. He was a determined gentleman, eager to find his Mrs. Right in all the wrong places. Every last relationship that Mr. Hayes was involved in ended in dramatic fashion. First girlfriend dumped him to start dating a mutual friend of theirs, AFTER Mr. Hayes had given his friend his girlfriend’s number. And I know yal are thinking “well why did he give him the number in the first place?”. Well sometimes you have to be na├»ve in order to learn a couple of lessons. He never thought that this girl would leave him for the guy she left him for, but silly Mr. Hayes took a shot right to the heart in original over the phone, “It’s not you, it’s me” fashion. He was crushed of course to find out a couple of days later that the reason she left was because he had been replaced, by the friend.

The next shot came from an unlikely source, the high school sweetheart. Teenage love is always great; especially when you both are into it at the same time, on the same page. This girl was supposed to be the one, good family, good morals, church going and so fourth. And they were headed right to the alter, until life happened and she had to move away unexpectantly. But that wasn’t the dagger. They maintained their relationship until she returned to finish school. She however came back with a different mindset, and a different lust for life that led her into the arms of one of Mr. Hayes’ family members. He had no idea until one day he felt a burn, she played it coy, and then he, in return Let it Burn. She confessed after everything was pretty much already figured out, but another hole in Reginald’s heart had already been made.

Ah the next woman came in the form of the cutest most lovable person to be with; never a good person to be with if they just got out of a relationship themselves. School yard crush, turned into puppy love, into a very vibrant relationship, or so it seemed. He was so into her, and she seemed just as interested, until her ex wanted her back. This time he received the news over text message. It said something like “I’ve been talking to my ex… and”, that was all that needed to be said. A broken phone and another hole later, Reginald was right back to where he started, alone for seemingly no legitimate reason.

After her it took a while for Reginald to get back into the swing of things, but when he did he found comfort in an old friend from school. They clicked instantly and enjoyed the same things. Life was good together and both of them seemed to be so in love. And then tragedy struck in the form of another ex on a late night creep, wanting to “stop by for a quick second”. Well she let him, and he did, and then they did, and well things weren’t really the same after that. He was trying to learn to trust again, but that moment of passion that she had with her ex was a little too much for Mr. Hayes, who had already experienced the worst kinds of hurt, and this was just another one of those times.

After a short time letting the wounds heal, the good ole Mr. Reginald Hayes was quickly dwindling. Having sex with girls he barely knew, being very passive towards any type of real affection; and just basically suffering quietly until he met the one that was going to make everything better. She was different than any other girl he had dated, and she was exactly what he needed at the time. Something new, yet something familiar since he had known her from a previous work experience. They fell deep in love and shared all the things that lovers share. The best secrets, wonderful memories, and future goals were just a small taste of everything they offered each other. She was everything to him and he was finally loving all the way again. And then indecisiveness reared its ugly head and she wanted to go and “take some time apart”. That phone call was the last call Mr. Hayes ever took. He answered, but Mr. Hayze hung up.

After years and years of disappointment Mr. Reginald Hayes was assassinated on March 5, 2007, in a small one bedroom apartment in Cincinnati, Oh. All efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. Cause of death, life. Reginald Hayes could no longer handle the life he was living. He had been tossed around, misused, and well abused to the point where he had no more fight left. His legacy lives on in every chivalrous act made by any man walking this earth. His accomplishments are that he loved without regret. Reginald Hayes was almost too good for this Earth, that’s why it is believed he left us so early, to fulfill his rightful place amongst the stars. Though his soul is in heaven, his body still walks this Earth in the form of Reggie Hayze.

The Assassination of Reginald Hayes is the musical offering of the listed events above through words, music, imagination and creativity. Here’s the final track listing:

1. Welcome to the Madness (The intro laced over Jazmine Sullivan’s “Lions and Tigers and Bears” a necessary sample for such an intro)

2. I Think I Love Her prod. by BassBoy (Starting from the beginning of the relationship when you not sure how you feel about the one you’re with)

3. Cater to You Memix (A male version take on the Destiny’s Child ballad. Still in the beginning stages of new love)

4. Weak Memix (A male version of the SWV hit, expressing how love gets you when you finally realize what happened)

5. Shorty Wanna Cum Interlude (Getting into the intimate part of the relationship… Hell it speaks for itself)

6. Talk to Me prod. By Tone (Once again… it speaks for itself)

7. Say You Will Mestyle (A classic take on a love going south after argument after argument, laced over Kanye West’s “Say You Will” beat from 808’s and Heartbreaks)

8. Premeditated Murder (Cry Me) prod. by STEREOTYPE & Smoove (This samples Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” with a riveting telephone message left by a boyfriend who caught his girl cheating. Everyone thinks like this, I just so happened to put it on wax)

9. Homicide (New lyrics over the original “Cry Me a River” beat… a very creative continuance to track #8)

10. Happy Ending (Welp… just listen close)

11. Police Skit

12. One in a Million Memix (The late Aaliyah’s song was twisted in this tale of a love gone terribly wrong)

13. Vicky’s Secret prod. by Smoove ( A jetty ode to the best panties ever over a classic Smoove production)

14. Promise Memix (A jetty balad about following through on what you say you gon do to her)

15. Diamonds & Brain Mestyle (A straight freestyle over Fab’s “Diamonds” song from a couple of summers ago.)

16. On Fire Mestyle (A freestyle over the Lloyd Banks beat from a few years back)

17. Turnin Me Off feat. Young Nitty & Princinnati ( You know the song… now ear it from a male’s point of view.)

18. Right There prod. by BassBoy (An uptempo joint about where I want her to put her body)

19. Good (snippet) prod. by STEREOTYPE (A preview of a song off of the upcoming STEREOtype album.)

20. Assassinate Me prod. by STEREOTYPE (the wrap up of the story line over a sampled line from Lil Wayne’s “Playing With Fire” off The Carter III)

21. Outro (Who Shot Ya) prod. by STEREOTYPE (A sample of Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” while freestyling over the beatbox driven beat.)

Sometimes you have to kill the old you, in order to get to a better you...